BG Developments





Established over 40 years ago, BG Developments specializes in the manufacture of high performance brake calipers and discs for specialist applications.

During that time, an extensive library of designs has been built up, covering many high performance road cars, and even more historic race cars. All the vented brake discs are sourced from AP Racing, and all castings used are made & heat treated in the UK. As an extension to the manufacture and supply of brake components - 3D scanning, printing and 5-axis machining centres allow the recreation of obsolete calipers and discs from a sample. 

To discuss your requirements further or more information, please use the contact us page, or call on +44 1527 873716.



Support for University Racing Teams


BG Developments have a long history of encouraging young people into motorsport.

This allows UK University Teams to have the very latest AP Racing products at massive discounts. In addition, we can supply any of our own complimentary products (such as bells or mounting hardware) at the same discount levels.

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