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In addition to vast range of AP Racing and Girling parts we stock, we are also CNC machining specialists, allowing us to manufacture our own ranges of calipers and discs to exacting standards in-house. As well as the cost benefit of this facility, it also allows us to offer bespoke product variants, which is especially useful for the Dunlop range of piston assemblies, where modified parts were often used. 

In 2019, the CNC facility manufactured 20,000 bells to more than 500 designs.


We have invested in a fibre Laser Etch machine which allows us to permanently mark almost any surface, mainly for traceability, but also popular with our customers for adding logos and other product information. 

We also added a large diameter CNC Haas lathe to enable us to more easily machine larger diameter discs and bells, which seems to be the current trend.

Introduced specifically for production cars, BG Developments has developed a balance bar pedal box assembly that can be fitted as a direct replacement for either an existing master cylinder or servo unit. No modifications whatsoever are required to the bulkhead or brake pedal.
When it is felt that servo assistance is required, the pedal box can be fitted directly to the servo unit, the mounting plate replacing the standard master cylinder-mounting flange. 
If servo assistance is not required, for example if Group A type brakes have been fitted, then the pedal box end plate would be a direct replacement for the existing servo unit, and the assembly bolted to the bulkhead and connected to the standard pedal, with no modifications required.


Balance Bars
The advantage to using a balance bar to operate the brake system is that the master cylinder sizes can be tailored to suit the front to rear balance required and the caliper piston diameters. Final balance adjustments can then be carried out using the balance bar either on the bar itself, or remotely via a dash mounted cable adjuster.

A further advantage to using this type of system is that in most instances it does away with the need to fit expensive proportioning valves, to control the rear brake pressure.

However if the above pedal box and balance bar is not what you are looking for we can offer a large range of  AP Racing pedal boxes - (Top Right ) please contact us for more information and technical drawings.


 Non Integral To suit seperate reservoir

Available Bore Sizes:

0.625" | 0.700" | 0.750 | 0.812" | 0.875

 Intergral Reservoir 'Small Pot'

Available Bore sizes:

0.625" | 0.625" Angled | 0.700" | 0.750"

 large pota

 Integral Reservoir 'Large Pot'

Available Bore Sizes

0.625" | 0.700" | 0.750"

 Master Cylinder Overhaul Kits

Available for all bore sizes

Kit Contains

Bool Seal

Lip Seal


Rubber Grease

Girling - Mater Cylinders

Master Cylinder Technical Details:

Inlet - Where applicable:

7/16" x .812 UNF



3/8" x 24 UNF at 45 degrees


Push Rod Thread

5/16" UNF

We also offer a wide range of actuation accessories, please contact us for more details


 flange fix

 0.875" Flange Fix

For Cobra/Tiger/Aston Martin


For Right Hand Mount

(Left Hand available)



For Right Hand Mount


'Mexico' Circlip Fix



Dual Handed

Seal Kits for all slave cylinders available

We offer A P Racing extensive range of race clutches which are suitable for all levels of motorsport application both current and historic.

The range includes 115mm, 140mm, 184mm, 200mm and 215mm diameter clutches which are offered with a range of torque capacities.  The majority of these are offered in both single, twin and triple plate configurations and with a choice of sintered or paddle drive plates.

We would be happy to offer advice on the most suitable clutch for your application.