BG Developments

We offer A P Racing's extensive range of clutch kits which provide direct fitment, up-rated upgrades to most high performance applications:.

e.g. Nissan Skyline GTR33
Mitsubishi Lancers 4-10
Subaru Impreza WRX and STi  

The clutch kits are normally offered with either organic faced drive plates for road use or paddle drive plates for light competition / rally use. 

A range of clutch covers and drive plates are also offered separately for more bespoke applications.

Please contact us with your requirements.


The Dunlop Piston Cylinder Assembly, or "Dunlop Cylinders" were fitted as standard to many 1960's sportscars such as the E-Type Jaguar, Mk II Jaguar, Lancia, Alvis and Ferrari.  

We at BG Developments have developed a replacement for the Dunlop cylinder assembly which incorporates the original design and will fit directly in the place of the original.


In-house - we fully CNC machine the cylinders from 2014T6 aluminium billet which is then Hard Anodised all over for maximum hardness and corrosion resistance. 

The internals of the cylinder have been completely re-designed and now incorporate an AP Racing seal in bore arrangement and stainless steel piston.  The piston insert has been removed and the steel piston increased in length to compensate.  

The cylinders in this configuration  will work with the original pads that were supplied without back plates as well as with the modern pads that are supplied with back plates which we can also supply from stock.  

The cylinders are supplied with AP Racing high temperature seals for race use or with secondary wiper seal for road use.  Should these cylinders need servicing, pistons and seals are readily available and in-expensive - making them a cost effective way of replacing the original cylinders. These cylinders are fully approved by the FIA for race use.


We can offer from stock the majority of piston diameters:- 2 1/8", 1 3/4", 1 5/8", 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" with both the standard body size and larger Jaguar MK9 size available.

We also manufacture small batch bespoke bodies and piston sometimes fitted to unique cars. Please contact us with your requirements.

For 2020 we have commissioned a new Road Car version of the Dunlop Cylinder, as shown to the right. For more information, visit our Products page.

Finally, we can refurbish your carrier by shot blasting and re-plating to give you a completely reconditioned brake. We also hold a limited number of in-house manufactured carriers both in Aluminium (2014T6) and Iron.




In addition to the substantial range of A P Racing brake discs that we offer we also have the facility to produce brake discs in house.

Manufactured from high quality iron castings and suitable for even the most aggressive racing, we can produce discs from either a pattern or drawing.  We can also supply a range of obsolete historic road car discs from our extensive records, a sample of which are show below:-


Aston Martin DB5/6 Front and Rear

GT40 Front & Rear in both solid & vented 

A C Cobra Front and Rear for both  the iron caliper and  alloy caliper set up
Lola T70 MK3b and Lola T70 Spyder
Jaguar Mk9 [larger Dunlop set up]
In addition to the above we can also offer a conversion service to produce a two piece disc set up from a one piece standard setup.  For road car applications especially this can offer a much improved heat capacity within the discs which prevents warping without the expense of a full brake conversion.  All we would require is a sample disc to work to.

BG Developments design, manufacture and supply bespoke brake kits in addition to the extensive range that A P Racing currently offer. All we need is the hub and wheel from the vehicle to work from.    

All of our kits are supplied with the A P Racing range of 4 pot or 6 pot road or race calipers and from a choice of A P Racing vented discs.  The mounting bells and caliper brackets are design and manufactured in house from motorsport spec aluminium and hard anodised for a protective finish.  For a small extra cost we can also supply the bells and brackets with a black finish and bespoke laser etched logos for a more unique appearence.  The kits are complemented with a choice of brake pad materials from most of the leading manufactures such as AP Racing, Ferodo and Pagid and can be supplied with hoses if required.

All brake kits are produced to order.

Aston-Martin-APs Lola-T70-02




For many years, BG Developments have CNC machined, assembled and tested a full range of the most popularly used Girling historic calipers - manufactured to the original specifications and from the highest quality UK castings. Our Girling range of reproduction calipers are used extensively in historic motor racing and are fully approved by the FIA for race use  

Aluminium Calipers:


Vented Discs:



Maserati Tipo 60/61 'Birdcage:


Cast Iron Calipers

17/3 Calipers 12/3 Calipers