BG Developments



For some projects customers have requested specific logo's which we can also accommodate. For some years now BG Developments have been using lasers to product mark. The two Electrox machines allow permanent marking onto Aluminium. steel, plastic and even Wood! 


The laser has the advantage that it permanently marks the part without damaging it, as there is minimal surface penetration. 

Laser etching is impressively quick, typically only taking a few seconds to mark the part - often taking longer to set the part up in the correct orientation compared to marking.












Piston Dia = 1.750", PL = 2.860", Offset = 1.160", Mtg Ctrs = 2.687", Disc Width 1/2"

These can be supplied with or without the handbrake linkages






To enable us to re-create more accurately brake calipers and discs that are no longer available, BG Developments have invested heavily in new technology in 2019.

This includes new solid modelling software, scanning capabilities and 3D printing.

The Makerbot 3D printer can print in a variety of different plastics, most of which can easily be machined to take threads enabling a complete caliper to be scanned, modelled, 3D printed and assembled to the vehicle to test the installation.

This technology is also being used to produce prototype brackets for the brake kits to allow a trial install much earlier in the project, eliminating costly fitment issues at the end.







CR Aluminium Caliper

(Typ 5/8"x12" Disc, Applications include AC Cobra Front, Lola T70 , GT40 Mk I Front)


Piston Dia = 2.375", PL = 3.160", Offset = 1.350", Mtg Ctrs = 3.5", Disc Width 1/2"-5/8"