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Following a win at the Saloon Car Championship in Wiltshire, Russell sent us the following email

"Good Morning Caroline & David,

Many thanks to yourselves and your people there for supplying & manufacturing my brake kit & components recently. As you mentioned, I said I would let you know how they were…

The brakes are excellent. Really good stopping power and no fading each of the two entire race distances I have completed (approx 20 mins each).

The series in which I race is the Saloon Car Championship based at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire. I did a test day to bed them in before my first race with them last weekend. On my first lap of qualifying I did a lap that was 0.4 seconds faster than the lap record, 1.3 seconds than the rest of the field. The races went well, as you can see from the attached article from the latest Motorsport News. The brakes were much admired in the paddock afterwards! Around 1.5 – 2.0 seconds faster per lap around that circuit than my previous setup.

I will let you know when I need replacement discs & pads.

Best Regards,

Russell (Akers)"

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