In 2011, our CNC facility manufactured over 8,000 disc mounting bells to more than 500 designs for most of the major UK foundation brake suppliers. We also made several hundred bells to our own designs for marques such as BMW, Audi, TVR, Ferrari and Lotus.

We are often asked to manufacture lightweight upgrades for "1 piece" cast iron integral bell discs, which we reverse engineer into a "2 piece" bolted assemblies. We typically use either an AP racing disc or one of our own - coupled with an in-house designed and manufactured bell.

As standard, we machine the bell in HE15, or HE30 and then Hard Anodise to protect the part, both from damage and corrosion. We can also coat using Sulphuric Anodising to produce vivid colours - although this does not have the enhanced mechanical properties of Hard Anodising.

Nickel Plating of the bells is also becoming a popular option with many of our customers, which gives a finish akin to freshly machined aluminium.

For certain applications (such as Carbon Ceramic discs), heat treated aerospace grade Stainless Steel is normally specified.

Cast iron is also an option, especially for rear bells, where the original handbrake needs to be retained. These are heat-treated to prevent distortion under heavy use. We can also get these Xylan (black) or Geomet (silver) coated as required (Note: masking of mating surfaces is essential for both these processes).

All our in-house manufactured bells are identified with a unique laser etched part number / batch code - and the CAD / CAM data stored electronically, such that it can be recalled at any point in the future should further parts be required.

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Please also see our technical page for details on pad bedding in procedures.