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An extract from Japanese Performance


"Bespoke Braking

It's been said a thousand times before, but fitting big brakes and using them correctly is a very effective way of going quicker on a track. Kermit II wears huge AP racing stoppers all round, supplied by BG Developments. Dave was very impressed with their service, as they even drove to measure up the space behind the wheel so they could fit the biggest kit possible. It was like Kermit II was being fitted for a Savile Row Suit."





AP racing CP5555 6-pot calipers with massive 356x32mm float in bell, grooved disc assemblies, fitted with bias springs


AP racing CP5200 4-pot calipers with 343x26mm grooved disc assemblies and 1 piece bracket to take the hydraulic and handbrake calipers

Single-pot caliper handbrake conversion


Ferodo DS2500 pads all round