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Geometric Alignment Of Pad Surface To Disc Surface (basic bedding in)

4-6 brake applications with medium pedal pressure from approx 90mph to 50mph, not allowing wheels to lock. (No brake dragging)

Allow for a distance of 300 - 400metres between brake applications for cooling period.

Pads should not reach temperatures above 400°C during initial bedding in. Check that pad surfaces have at least 80% contact with disc before allowing more heat into pad surface.

Immediately followed by :

  • Bedding In At High Speed  

  • 1 brake application with medium to high pedal pressure from approx 110mph to 50mph without allowing wheels to lock.  

  • Allow 3-4 recovery brake applications with light pedal pressure.

Repeat high speed applications including recovery applications another 2-3 times.

NOTE: Allow a cooling off distance of 500 metres between high speed application

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